E-Z Cut

Flame Cutting/Bevelling Machine

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Standard Accessories

The ‘E-Z cut’ comes standard with chain kit for 18-inch (457mm) diameter pipe, with longer chain linkage optional. It also includes rack-adjustable torch arm and torch holder for longitudinal and vertical positioning, as well as chain unpinning block with pin driver, tool kit and a complete parts and operating manual.

Optional Accessories

The ‘E-Z Cut’ can be outfitted with a second torch holder assembly for double-torch operations. Also for pipe sizes 18-inch and larger, it is recommended that the adjustable guide belt be used for quicker set-up and improved cutting accuracy. Belts are available for 18 to 32 inches and 18 to 48 inches diameter. Pipe sizes up to 80 inches can be accomodated.


‘E-Z’ Cut Features:

  • Square Cuts!
  • Rigid Frame design
  • Columns in stainless steel.
  • Worm screw and toothed
  • wheel are fitted on bearings and protected from dirt.
  • Wheels are fitted on self lubrication bushes.
  • Double link roller drive chain
  • Rack-adjustable movement both vertically and horizontally.
  • Torch holder can accommodate either 30mm or 35mm torches.



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