Flame Cutting Machines

E-Z Cut

Range: 4" - 80" o/d

TAG PIPE's new ‘'E-Z'’ Cut portable flame cutting and bevelling chain driven machines are the economical solution for cutting and bevelling pipe from 4” upwards. The 'E-Z' Cut is small and compact, strong and reliable, used by contractors, welders and pipe fitters, equally at home on site or in the workshop. This machine can be hand cranked around the pipe or driven by an optional electric motor with a remote control. Other models in the range include; saddle cutting machines, straight line cutters and hole cutters for pipe and plate.

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E-Z Cut Auto

4" Upwards

TAG PIPE’s 'E-Z' Cut is also available as an automatic model. Driven around the pipe by an electric motor with a remote control, once the speed is set correctly to the wall thickness of the pipe the 'E-Z' Cut Auto will cut and bevel the pipe without the need for intervention from the operator.

The 'E-Z' Cut Auto can also be used for cutting exotic materials such as stainless steel, with a plasma system (plasma torch holder available on request).
Available in 110v or 240v power supply.


E-Z Cut Magnetic

4" Upwards

A new addition to TAG PIPE Ltd’s Flame Cutting range is the 'E-Z' Cut Magnetic, two sets of magnetic rollers are built into the machine body to hold the machine to the pipe as cutting and bevelling is performed. Can be used for parallel, vertical and inverted cutting. The machine body is made from aluminium making the 'E-Z' Cut Magnetic light yet durable.

For cutting pipes over 18" TAG PIPE Ltd recommend & supply a guide belt assembly to ensure 100% square cuts & bevels on large diameters.
Available in 110v or 240v power supply.


E-Z Cut Hole Cutter

Up to 40"

TAG PIPE Ltd’s Hole Cutter is designed for cutting precise T-joint circles, or any hole on the surface of pipes, pressure vessels and heat exchangers. This can be done from the inside or the outside of the vessel.

Easy to operate, lightweight and compact in design, the 'E-Z' Cut Hole Cutter will also cut and bevel holes into flat plates.
Available in 110v or 240v power supply.

E-Z Cut Saddle Machine

1½" - 48" o/d
Designed for cutting and bevelling fish mouths, shapes and contours on pipes. Our Short saddle machines are the only single piece, short saddle machine on the market, providing you with consistently square and accurate cuts – cut after cut – year after year. Our short saddle machines can be used for plasma or water jet cutting in either the vertical, or horizontal position. They are designed to be dropped on the pipe like a saddle or slipped on from the end.
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