'R' Series Orbital Pipe Saws

New Orbital Pipe Saws

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  • Various models from 1/4” to 12”
  • Power:220 V - 50 Hz
  • Electric Motor Power:2000 W 2,7 HP
  • Variable rotating speed
  • Different Voltage and frequency available on request

PIPE bench orbital pipe saws are the low-cost and practical solution to cut and bevel almost all types of metal pipe. Cutting is executed by manually rotating the machine around the pipe. The pipe is cut with one single rotation. Its is powered by a powerful and sturdy electric motor equipped with speed regulator. The pipe saws produce a square,burr-free cut that does not require any further dressing.

A cam system engages the blade into the cutting position uopn initial rotation. The blade is then effortlesslyrotated around the pipe, either manually by the operator, or Automically at the puch of a button with the optional rotation motor (available for the OPS R8 & R12) making the cutting of larger diameter pipes a more productive, less labour intesive process.
The Prismic locking Jaw system ensures 100% square clamping of the pipe, to ensure a 100% square cut.
The Prism jaws are available for working with exotic materials, such as stainless steel, where potential contamination issues from dissimilar materials is
unacceptable.. The pipe is secure clamped by the rotation of a square drive, with the removeable handle provided.


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